Charting plant hormone signaling pathway networks using ChIP-Seq

Charting plant hormone signaling pathway networks using ChIP-Seq: Aimed at deciphering the interaction between auxin and cytokinin, based on studies in the Ecker lab, the core cytokinin transcriptional regulatory network and discovery of the auxin transcriptional responses: auxin code hypothesis. Also adapting the INTACT method into a simpler version-INTACTone in order to study transcriptional network, transcriptome, epigenetic landscapes, and so on at cell type-specific resolution. Ultimate aim to improve plants of economic importance by application of our understanding of the mechanisms of plant hormone actions.

INTACTone using nuclear envelope localized AtSUN1. Single channel (a, b, c). Merged image (d) showing that the nuclear envelope was visualized by YFP::AtSUN1 fusion protein . Control merged image(e).